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Our Brand Story...

It all began with a 'what if', there was a figmental being 'Kiki', comprehending the world around in a idiosyncratic way, and just pouring it all out through her own lens, which we strive to represent in the form of graphics using mix media art, amalgamated in the form of a story by very lucid yet elaborate embroideries on natural fabrics with gratifying   colors having such vivid prints after each of her encounters, she signs off as - love, Kiki.

It has always been our practice to pick leftover fabrics from industrial waste and make sense of it, as a huge part of love, Kiki is based on mix media art moreover paying substantial wages to our artisans so the focus is on what really matters, and be it using the scraps for garment details and packaging or producing minimal waste. 

Focusing immensely on quality at the same time offering lifetime alterations, and not making stock rather all size samples hence reducing waste, all of which, what we believe can't be a usp, rather a practice mandatory for any body consuming any kind of resources.

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